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We commit our deep local knowledge, network, and negotiating skills to your success. As one of the top ranking agents and teams, Danny and his team members constantly rethink our process to make finding or selling a home faster and easier than our competitors as well as consistently uphold the highest ethical and professional standards, dedicating ourselves to our clients, our community, and passion for our profession.

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The agents at are not just full-service partners on the way to closing a deal— they are also ongoing resources for professional referrals, personal recommendations and knowledge of the local real estate markets.

Buying a home can be a wonderfully rewarding experience, especially if you’re doing it for the first time. It is also a complex process, with a sequence of steps that requires knowledge, patience and attention to detail. A licensed agent provides the experience and steady guidance to manage the process and enable you to focus on the journey.

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Flipping through pictures of possible homes might not be so bad, but researching local trends, market values and other vital info can be daunting. 


A curated shopping experience with recommendations specifically tailored to meet or excess your expectations.



Spend hundreds of hours online searching for potential properties.


Curated house-hunting process & only invest your attention in properties that actually meet your requirements.



Rely only on your own knowledge of the market & invest significant time in gathering information from all over.


Work with an agent who has knowledge and remarkable experience in the local market, with countless awards, thousands of transactions, & years of experience.



Unless you have some sort of insider knowledge, or crystal ball, you’re not gonna know as much as you should about certain neighborhoods. To learn these things, you’re gonna have to do some internetting, hop on Yelp or ask around a bit.


With years of experience under my belt, I'm a true local expert. I can tell you all about the school districts, zoning codes, and where to find everything from the hottest coffee to the coldest ice cream.



Even if you’re a skilled poker player and have a black-belt in negotiation, it’s still important to do your research. You’ll be working directly with the Selling Agent & trust that you’re not being taken advantage of throughout negotiations & closing.


Thanks to our vast knowledge of market conditions and comp sales, I’ll be able to help you drum up a competitive offer at the best possible price. I’ll fight to protect your interests.

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